My Favorite Breakfast Spots…

Today I’m typing to my computer to write about the breakfast spots that I love..

The screen looks at me, as I to it, probably for half an hour. I guess my mind is pretty occupied, a lot of different subjects… In a moment I’ll take my daughter to their injections, it is a hassle by itself in dismay…

Two meeting at noon… Thankfully there is work. Yet…

If you feel like you can’t keep up with anything you’ll understand me better.

During the last days, I feel so tired both physically and spiritually. I try to meet deadlines with minimum sleep. Either fatigue or my low energy, caused by planets weird trajectories. I’m  a typical Taurus. Until April 15, Venus (Taurus and Libra planet) moves back. Thankfully nothing from Saturn:) Thank God… Now, I’m not going to go too deep into astrology, yet since I believe in it, I can’t help myself.

Nowadays my greatest luxury is great tables with my daughters, husband, and friends…

When it comes to my favorite breakfast destinations: Istanbul is such a colorful city… There are a lot of beautiful restaurants. There are places for fine food, there are spots to hang out with friends, there are locations to go by yourself, and even if you are by yourself, you don’t feel alone. Quality social time is a great luxury.

This list I give you has all those features above.

  1. Delicatessen
  2. Gram
  3. Backyard
  4. Mangerie
  5. Köşe House
  6. Kantin
  7. Dolce
  8. Bi Nevi Deli
  9. All Sports
  10. Karabatak

That’s my top 10.

I don’t really like to go by myself. However, you can go to these locations by yourself with your computer and have quality time. Eventually, you may continue your day with good vibes.

Of course, these places are rather for me; I’m sure there are many more places.

And I am waiting to hear from you when it comes to new locations.

With love,


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