Custom Made Rocking Horses from Kids Friendly

The imagination of a child is endless and Kids Friendly’s personalized rocking horses add even more fun to those childhood daydreams!  Handmade from birchwood, each horse is light and easy to carry while also being durable and strong.

Customization is available for all horses.  With a wide range of colors to choose from, it is also possible to add decorative details and writing of all sorts.  Keeping in mind that parents also want to enjoy the horses, Kids Friendly has worked hard to ensure that each horse can be designed so that it will mesh seamlessly with your home’s décor.  A special collection of horses made of softer, more paintable wood is also available.  Children can paint and decorate this special material to their heart’s content, turning each toy into a personalize work of art.

Kids Friendly horses come in three different sizes.  The largest measures 100cm x 70cm and can easily accommodate older children as well.  Medium sized horses are 35cm x 30cm while the smallest size is the perfect 12cm x 10cm horse toy.  Each small horse comes in its own special box and also makes the perfect gift!

Kids Friendly horses are currently sold at Inci Tuncel and Bee Eat Play Love in Istanbul.  Custom orders and further information are available at

Deniz Eksioglu

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