“Children and Sexuality”: A Wonderful Seminar Dealing with this Often Difficult Subject

The question of “Children and Sexuality” is something that most parents wonder and worry about often; how and when to approach the topic and how to best teach it are common concerns. This weekend’s seminar by Rayka Kumru at Atasehir Tirtil Kids Books store will deal with these very same questions.

Since completing her education as a sexologist in Canada, Australia, and Turkey, Rayka Kumru has continued to educate others, working at Yildiz Technical University and Kultur University. In addition, she has served as an advisor to the Turkish Ministry of Justice and has spoken on the subject of sexuality throughout Europe and Turkey.

During this weekend’s seminar Rayka Kumru will address a number of sexuality related topics including the importance of sexuality education, how to provide education that is in line with familial and cultural norms, and the value of teaching children proper anatomy. In addition, the issue of identifying private areas, speaking about them openly with family will be addressed, as will the crucial role of fostering healthy sexuality in children.

The seminar will take place on March 17th between 2-4pm and cost 75TL per person. For reservations please call 0216 504 5154.

For further information concerning Rayka Kumru see www.raykakumru.com

Deniz Eksioglu

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