Friday I’m in Love…

“Friday I’m in Love…” A lot of you might know this song. The Cure, its legendary album Wish… I was in between childhood and adolescence when I first heard it. After years, still some Fridays I find myself singing it. This Friday it happened too.

I don’t care if Monday’s blue/Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too/Thursday I don’t care about you/Saturday wait… I don’t really much like lyric translations. And now it’s not that necessary.

Meaning and place of those seven days in my life and heart… I’ll tell you what I think of those days one day. Today is not the time for that; it is time for good songs. Like “Friday I’m in Love”…

Whenever I listen to this song, I think of the happy moment I have with my friends.

When I wake up the beautiful coffee scent, me diving into my girls’ room after the breakfast, reading books to them, drawings that are stickmen almost, and with the song “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” Lal and Mila hanging out and not doing what the song says. As Lal playing  “We Go Together” (yes, that sweet song in Grease) how we jump as we hold hands, and me going to the office after that moment which makes me so thankful.

Long or short lunches depending on the day’s tempo, and if we leave the office late it will mean that we’ll miss our girls’ sleep time; therefore it is more about dinners that I have with my husband or friends.

Through this occasion, I’d like to tell you about my favorite spots in Istanbul.

It’s a long list, quite hard to have them all in one article…

Today I’ll write about lunch and/or dinner spots; next week I’ll write about my preferences for breakfast and/or lunch.

The Bar (Les Ottomans): A cool lounge, which we almost always go to right after work with my husband, and enjoy its delicious appetizers together; you may do both friend and business meetings there.

Da Mario: It almost feels like our own kitchen, alway good food, good conversation, and familiar faces. It is ideal for families.

La Boom: Good music and ambiance, great food, a lot of friends, therefore long talks… Always every week I drop in.

Lucca: For a lot of us Lucca means Bebek… Always fantastic food, its music which is just about right, and its brand new cocktails… Especially if the weather is nice, you may sit outside for hours, a very successful management.

Inari: I recommend it for those who like new kitchen sushi. I prefer going there for lunch as it is just right next to our office.However, if I lived in the neighborhood I’d go there for dinner as well.


Spago: While we lived in Taşkışla, we went there quite often. When the weather is warm, you might have dinner while having an excellent Istanbul view in this special place.

La Boucherie: If you like live performances like myself, and if you wish to spend time with your girlfriends this is the ideal spot… And the little bar in the garden is very special to me.

Morini: If you’re at Zorlu, after you finish your work you should go and sit and taste its special food… All the time it gets me surprised with its lighter, tastier and newer menu.

Fenix: I started going there recently, yet it got my loyalty through its colonial decor and amazing food… Saturday night the music was great, after the food, we were all dancing. I realize I missed this.

Papermoon: Now it is a classic. It is ideal for ones who are like me, and who eat the same thing all the time. For instance artichoke salad… I haven’t had any better in Istanbul.

Note: All of these places have one thing in common. The service is perfect in all of them. It is full of people who know the customer well and serve in excellence…

With love,


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