Skin Care in Adolescence

Acnes and pimples are among the most common problems in teenagers during adolescence.

With fluctuating hormone levels, acnes and pimples which are very common when it comes to teenagers are in fact discharge under the skin. While some teens recover this process smoothly, some experience very painful acnes and pimples which distance them from social life. However, with the right care and support, it is possible to elude and contain good skin.

Regular skin care: Under doctor care, a noncosmetic course of treatment that is suitable for teens should be applied routinely. Consequently, pus in the skin may be balanced and air might flow easier. These treatments should be made as often as your doctor suggests.

Regular care at home: Through the right products daily skin sanitization should not be neglected. Concealers used during the day should be cleaned before going to bed and make-up clearance should become habitual.

For the skin to rejuvenate itself, skin care routines should be perpetual.

Apart from that, I’d like to note that nutrition habits during the adolescence, especially fast food and snacks will increase skin problems. That is why, to have good skin, it is vital to have a proper diet, while minimizing snack consumption. Especially one should drink water instead of soft drinks with gas and sugar, as the latter causes dehydration.

Another common incident would be squeezing pimples and acnes. If you wish to have a face without marks or scars, please do not squeeze your pimples. The marks of acnes and pimples which may be prevented during adolescence may be more difficult in the future with longer and complex treatments.

Dr. Pınar Yozgatlı Karagülle

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