DM Talks: Murat Türkili

DM’s styles guest today is Murat Türkili. Murat who we’ve known very well is associated with Beymen and at the same time, he’s my very close friend. I’d like to thank him very much for opening his home to us. Because he normally doesn’t, nor does he invite, this might even be a first:) We are going to have a very enjoyable talk with Tom (the cat) and Murat.

We’ve talked about patience as one of the most important virtues in your 26 years of work life. I might describe my work life’s devotion as one would have for his marriage succeeding a great love which needs constant care and nurturing both with good and bad memories that eventually leads to a wonderful coupledom. However, I believe the keyword here is love… Yet, not just love for the profession, but for the industry and the brand as well. Of course, I am not whimsical about it. I am a Sagittarian and it is a very whimsical sign actually. Perhaps it is a zodiac sign, because of its talent it wishes to deal with everything in a multifaceted way, meanwhile it aims to protect its value and acts in a way to never lose it. Yesterday I told my students. Nobody gets to have their positions without any effort. Right now I might be working as Beymen’s artistic director, however, I was also in its kitchen, in the stores serving customers. I painted the wall, I cleaned the floor, I implemented visual restoration methods and I designed its showcase. Then I became creative director and then artistic director. By the end of 26 years, I’ve got my position where I design and direct all the brands.

We have another commonality. It is very interesting, we both can’t really break out of Turkey. Murat graduated from ODTÜ Industrial Design in 1990 and started working part-time in Beymen. And after that, you have a life in Paris. You had many internships in Paris fashion houses, you moved on with fashion there. I know these closely actually. You would have easily become a worldwide name. I always wondered why you have chosen to stay here.

Well, I always wonder that myself:) However, that not letting go and being in love might be about not leaving the values that I have in my country. I mean I live, especially upon emotional satisfaction. That is the reason why my life in Paris was satisfactory in a lot of ways, however, it did not fulfill me 100%. That is why what’s important to me is not where I am or where I do my job that defines me as Murat Türkili. I mean I have the chance to live anywhere in the world when it comes to the big picture we are all world citizens. I never did my job to please people.


The fact that you chose to stay here is to our advantage. We do not have a lot of people like yourself. Therefore, I know you for instance and Mert Alaş, your contemporary. He preferred abroad and you stayed here.

We went there during the same time. Because he’s a very old friend of mine. I mean our friendship began in Ankara and he’s like a brother to me for 26 years. Actually, our preferences were all the same. He stayed in London and me in Paris. He continued to stay there and I went back to Turkey. Right now his success is about the fact that he’s doing his job in London UK, which is like one of the centers of the world.

Before we began the interview we were talking about if you need to give lectures or not. Would you prefer something like that?

I believe sharing contributes greatly to one. It actually enriches you to share your knowledge with someone else, also it aggrandizes life itself. On another point, it is important to interchange knowledge with people who try to take the right decisions and who try to shape their lives by generating ideas.

For some time you were designing jewelry as well. You even had a medallion for me once.

The one with the mask…

Yes and your earrings with rose thorn… I’ve got one from you and Yosun saw it and loved it as well. Once she saw them I had to give her as a gift.

I’ll see, perhaps I have one more, will send it to you:)

As she was going to wear it with pleasure just like I would, I gave it to her without any second guess.


Right now you are Beymen’s artistic director, and apart from that, you are the head designer for women in Beymen Club, Beymen Collection. How is your daily routine?

Actually working at home is not really my style. If I stay home for a whole day, I do not know what I should do so I mostly clean. I do not have the luxury to read a journal with my coffee.

I thought of just the opposite, this house is very welcoming.

I mean, I get bored, for instance, if I’m ready, I need to leave my apartment. I can’t really spend five more minutes. This is actually about Tom and Ford (his cats). Because once I get dressed I can’t really sit down, I get their furs all over me. That is why I only wear shorts at home. Gray short especially as the fur would be unnoticeable.

About Derin…

I believe beauty to be a trap, it haunts one whether you want it or not. There is even a saying in Academia collections, “Beauty is a trap.” The reason for the fact that I fall for trap about you is not your appearance, you are a very beautiful woman that is already given, what I mean is your inner beauty which impressed me the most. As I always say, Derin has a very interesting heart and inner beauty. Some people may not get it, but once you do, you fell for it in an incredible way. That is a very large trap.

I’d like to thank you very much. Not only to you but also to Tom and Ford, it was very enjoyable.

I thank you, this is a great memory.

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