DM Talks: Anthony Delon

Our enjoyable talk with Alain Delon’s son, Anthony Delon about his new leather brand…

Anthony welcome to Istanbul…

Thank you…

We are glad to see a very successful designer, nice having a meeting with you.

So why leather?

Actually yeah we started, because leather was my first job in 1985, that’s why the brand’s name is Anthony Delon 1985. Just to remember that first experience. It was a very good experience actually. Why leather? Because I’m fascinated and passioned by leather since I was a little kid. Leather is, well it is life, it’s like a second skin. It goes through time with you. You can keep a good leather jacket with you for 20 years, 30 years. So, you get old and your jacket gets old. It follows you. I think it is a very noble material. I think it’s sensual. You know the skin, the smell, the touch, it’s something special. So I always loved leather, that’s why now I’m coming back.

Where can we reach at your products? Like in Paris I know you said in Montaigne Market, which is one of my favorite, and Printemps…

Printemps Homme, we just started we did a launching 3 weeks ago.

Like me like my site, it’s only been 2 weeks.

And how about Turkey?

I’ve never been in Istanbul before. I was in Çeşme long time ago, twice. I’m gonna sell my jackets in Europe; France, Spain, Italy, Germany Eastern Europe also. And Turkey is a big market, so why not.  Well, my jackets are made in France mostly. But the leather is French and Italian. But the confection it’s made here in Turkey, like Saint Laurent, like Dior and like Balmain. So all the big French brands have their jackets made in Turkey. Because Turkey is doing very well on leather.

I think so too; we’re very good with leather. 

I’m asking you because people will be asking me where to find this jacket, where to find this product?

In Turkey?


We don’t know yet.

But hopefully, you will be selling here as well right?

Oh yes, definitely.

How is the difference between acting and designing? 

I don’t think there is a big difference. It’s a creation process. And for example I design all my collection, choose the leather, I mean the colors, the type, the design, I mean everything. So when you start from a piece paper, you do the patronage, you choose the leather, you suddenly like build the jacket. It’s like building a character. You start from the beginning, who’s this character, who is he? Why does he behave like this? Is he afraid, is he strong? Is he weak? Is he this or that? And you build it inside, to be able to go to the stage and act. So for leather for collection for fashion and for leather jacket, it’s the same. You start from the low points and at the end, you get your jacket. And when you get your jacket done, something you, it is a piece you gave birth to. So it’s the same process.

How would you describe your collection?

My jackets are like an image of myself. So I’d like to say, it’s sports, chic, and masculine.

And how about the colors? What do you prefer for women for example?

Women are different. Women, right now I have two different models for women. So one is, well actually, they have the name of my daughters.

Ok, nice. 

So the leather jacket, the motorcycle perfecto its named Lou. The other one,  the fly jacket is named Liv; these are my inspiration. The colors I have black, I have tobacco you know like skin, and summer also like sands and red.

How old are your kids?

My kids are 15 and 21.

So they are wearing leather jacket, no?

Of course they do.

And they love it too?


I think it’s a very free, so powerful, so strong, so chic, so elegant, you can wear a leather jacket with a white shirt and with jean, and I think you look with your utmost elegance. You know what I mean?


It’s very strong, very powerful. 

I agree with you.

So I liked the way you named leather after your kids. I think it’s very nice. 

I think there also lots of different models for leather.

I use cow. I use lamb, very thin very soft, you know very sweet. I use goat. Sheep. That’s about it.

Because it depends on person, you know I like light things.



Hopefully, we will be seeing more of your collection soon.

I hope so.

And they can always reach at your site online?

Yes, in the next two months. By June probably, they will be able to buy some jacket online.


If they are too lazy to go the, or not as we are not in Turkey yet.

So thank you so much your time.

Thank you very much.

And we’re glad we’re having you in Istanbul. We want to see more often you and your partner of course. 

I like it here, it’s beautiful.


Thank you.

Thank you so much.

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