I’m Losing Hair…

From time to time for different reasons, our hair may be dry or matte, or we may lose more than normal.

Seasonal changes, genetic factors, serious health operations, processes pertaining to hear, unhealthy cosmetics, coloring the hair too much, or sun, sea, and sand during summer are among the most important factors. It is normal to lose 50-100 a day. If losing is more than that then a doctor should see it and start advising treatments. Especially when it comes to hair loss which is not due to hormones, we advise medical aesthetic applications which make the hair stronger and help it regain its liveliness.

Hair mesotherapy would be among the most effective methods. The purpose in these methods with needles or dermapen would be creating healthy hair and replacing them with what is being missed, which eventually gets us volume and bright results. In mesotherapy, the vitamins, minerals, amino acids aid the skin, through which the roots get livened. The vitamins taken through the mouth, derma cosmetics shampoo and tonics support the method.

Another method that we suggest would be PDP. PRP is used through the person’s own blood cell, which helps the skin and the hair to get livened. The aim is to apply like in mesotherapy where dermapen and needling methods take place. In order to make the most of the treatment one should not miss the sessions. Hair PRP could be used to everybody male and female in any age.

It is crucial to use supporting products after both of the methods. In order to get brighter, healthier hairs with more volume you should choose Biotin’s rich formula and products which are given to you by your doctor.

Hair care for the summer:

Getting tanned for the summer for hours, water with chlorine both make the hair moist less balanced and our hair gets enlivened. In order to prevent that you may use care products which have vitamin E, Omega 6 and jojoba oil as well as argan oil.  Again the hair may be protected with operations containing warmth, using moisturizers before the sun also help.

Let your days be sunny and enjoyable.

Dr. Pınar Yozgatlı Karagülle

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