Derin’s Hair Care

The question I’ve been getting a lot lately; my hair color, cut, and care products I use…

Today I’m sharing you the products I use, and I like the most. Of course, these are products, and they would only be one factor… I believe our hair quality is also about what we ear and drink. Drinking a lot of water, consuming zinc and vitamin E are all effective.

At least once a week I do a cure where I mix almond and argan oil with mixing Bepanthen pill and apply. The quality and the type of the hair is also critical, but if you use the right care, you might always have hair which is well taken care of.

When it comes to color, since I’m very sensitive about it, I always work with the same people. I do root dye once in two weeks, and once in six months, I do highlights. Since I like the color of coffee with milk and use my hair with a tone that is two times darker, I go once a month for root dye.

I always say hairstylists are the people women are the most loyal to. It is imperative to work with someone who knows your hair type, your face, and one who can recommend the right color and right cut for your skin color, for both your minimal hair deterioration and for you to feel better. Also, there is also the blow dry issue, and it is hard to find a good coiffeur who knows how to do it well.

When it comes to hair buns, Ali Yılancı is my favorite, and he works freelance. Regarding color, cut and blow dry Ahmet Yılmaz, Mesut Can (EK Nişantaşı), and Ertan Sarıgül (EK Anadolu yakası) are names I’ve working for years…

Note: During my pregnancy, I never missed my care. Pregnancy multivitamins already support your hair a lot; they have a lot of minerals and vitamins like elevit.

About the pregnancy hair color;

For the first four months, I didn’t do anything even organically/

After the fifth month, I used organic root dye very rarely.

Of course, I always recommend that you’d ask these delicate issues to your doctor.

With love,


*Photos below are taken from InStlye Turkey and L’officiel shots.

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