Body Firming Without Operation

As the summer arrives everybody has a plan when it comes to body firming. Like diets long walks, and restarting the prolonged workout…

Methods like bikini diets which would have one lose weight in the fastest way would be women’s last options. Although everybody has the same goal, the methods do vary. We recommend you medical and technological options without any surgical operations, which would be alternatives to above, eventually, they’ll make you wear nice swimwear with your firm and fit body. I’d like to share with you two methods especially as they are alternatives to liposuction.

First application is through ultrasound impulses, which is concentrated to fat burn. Apart from liposuction, this method does not involve any surgical operations. There are no cutting and there is no anesthesia, therefore there is no recovery period.

Apart from other liposuction methods, since it doesn’t free the fat nor burn it, it is unpainful and does not leave any marks. By the end the application there is no kilo loss, only the fat cells are destroyed. The tissue, nerves, and muscles are not harmed which wraps the fat cells.

The region is determined by your doctor, and the special belt is worn, finally, the jelly is put on your skin. The expert applies ultrasound impulses to the region to be transformed. It lasts for an hour.

The second method is decreasing the size of fat cells by infrared and radio frequency and tightening of the region, through vacuum and mechanical massage this method puts and end to cellulite look. It is a painless body shaping application. Through this method, you might achieve a younger and more dynamic look in three sessions.

This method could be applied to legs, belly, hips, waist, back and arms. And you won’t lose and weight in this one as well. The unreachable regions by diets and exercises would be shaped and problems would be solved. By the end, the cellulite look would decrease. Fatty regions would be tightened.

There is no pain during or after the process. People who had the method applied on themselves say that it is almost like a lukewarm massage. There may be a pinky look in some patients, however, that will disappear in a couple of hours.

Through the radio frequency waves and the thermal effect collagens increase and this makes elastic fibers more powerful, which eventually tightens the skins. Through new cells, a glowing skin appears.

Dr. Pınar Yozgatlı Karagülle

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