Messy Buns in 5 Steps

One of the most life-saving models, when your hair never gets in shape, and you’ve got to hurry for leaving your apartment would be a messy bun! It is an essential look for women, as it looks both natural and attractive… Take a look at our suggestions to create the messy bun in five steps.

Stay away from heavy products.

You do not need heavy hair sprays leave it a bit messy. To acquire the volume you wish, you may use sprays that have sea salt.

You do not need a comb.

One of the features of the messy bun is that it is far from perfect… Without using a comb, by just using your hand, make it into a ponytail.

Wind your hair around the ponytail.

Entirely with your hand, wind your hair around the ponytail, depending on your hair color, find clasps to match it.

Sum it up in a loose way, but not too loose.

Instead of tight hair, you can have it in a loose way.

Do not touch the hair that gets out of the way.

Do not worry about the hair that goes unplanned. They complete this style; in fact, you may even leave some around your ear.

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